Jerry Doctor

Jerry Doctor - 1945-2015

From the family of Jerry Doctor,

We regret to inform everyone that we have lost Jerry after a long struggle with heart disease today (4/7/2015). Jerry has always held a special place for the SCCA, and its members, in his heart. And we cannot begin to express our thanks at the outpouring of support we have already received from each of you.

Jerry spent much of his time in the SCCA, as a board member, and as an RE trying to do whatever he thought was best for the club and its members. But, he also put equal passion into chronicling the history of our sport via his photography, always taking great care that at least one image, of each driver, from each car was recorded in film for each event.

His efforts did not begin or end with the SCCA though; he was also a chemistry teacher for roughly 40 years within the Omaha Public Schools and, later, the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He taught chemistry to any student who wanted to learn and he was dedicated to helping those students not only to succeed, but to excel.

But, most importantly, he was a son, a brother, a father, and a grandfather. He was always there for each of us, to teach us, to scold us, or to love us as he deemed necessary and we love him for it. He is survived by his sister, his daughter, and his two grandchildren and he is greatly missed already.

Thanks again for all the support you are giving us as we try to find our way through this troubling time.

— April & Tim Walter

  • National Registrar's License
  • Solo Safety Steward
  • Solo Safety Steward Instructor
  • Road Rally Safety Steward
  • RallyCross Safety Steward
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